Bug Eaters at Environmental Rock

On Monday 5th May 2014 I took a selection of home cooked insects to The Hobbit pub, Southampton, to see what the locals thought about trying edible insects.



I had a selection of things for people to try, from Cajun crickets to soy sauce or jerk mealworms. It’s possible that people who are allergic to shellfish might also be allergic to insects, so everything was clearly labelled:


The bugs were marinated before being oven roasted.

I chose small crickets as they are easy to eat!



I was generally really surprised at the positive reaction from visitors to the stall. About 90% of people tried some (some were reluctant and stood and watched from a distance several times before being brave enough to try). A few people said ‘Yuck! That’s disgusting’, but I noticed that one of the people from their group slyly stopped by to try some mealworms later on. I also had a very keen 3 year old who kept coming back for more with her dad.

Some people told me that they are usually vegetarian but thought that eating insects was OK and gave them a try.

I was later invited to talk about my project at Dangerous Ideas Southampton with several other local people who are involved in food initiatives.



Updates to come

I’m currently updating the page off line but some posts will appear by Monday 2nd June on:


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I had a great time at Environmental Rock on Monday. My soy meal worms were very popular and I estimated that about 90% of the visitors to my stall tried some.

I’m about to get on a flight to Amsterdam for a bug conference so will add more info and photos soon.


It’s been nearly a year since winning the Take Off competition in 2013. I have been incredibly busy finishing off my PhD and learning more about insects for human consumption.

During this time, I gathered about 500 pages of articles, recipes and news about entomophagy and will share them here as soon as possible.

I’m shortly off to my first ever bug pop-up shop at Environmental Rock, The Hobbit, Southampton. Can’t wait! I got up early to finish making several dishes including Cajun crickets, wormy cookies, garlic locusts and my favourite, soy sauce mealworms.

As I haven’t added the page with all of my useful links, here are a few that you might be interested in:

The Bug Chef


A couple from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN



A video recipe from Daniella Martin



BBC article





Take Off 2013, Competition Winners!

Ben and I entered the Take Off competition at the University of Southampton (England) back in May 2013 to try and win some money to help set up our own business.
What a lot of research we had to do! I came across all sorts of articles on the news, in magazines, even on t.v. about eating bugs (entomophagy).

We were short-listed to give a presentation in front of a panel of judges which seemed daunting at the time but it was actually really good fun.

Last week we received fantastic news that our presentation was successful and we have won prize money and can get started on designing some amazing products.

Pictures will follow shortly!