Pigs on packaging

People say that when we eat things like beef or pork we avoid using their animal names, so that we can forget what it is we are eating. This also extends to product packaging. We don’t often see a cow on our beef burgers or a pig on our sausages.

This isn’t always true. Here’s a sandwich I picked up from Waitrose. I only noticed afterwards that it had a picture of a pig on the side (and the front, and the back). What about chicken, and fish? Those are also named after the animals that make the meat.

I’m not sure whether insects will be hidden in food, or renamed.

I guess it depends on how high quality or high welfare the products are.
I think that sometimes retailers use the high quality status of the animal to promote the meat.

Currently, insects in the UK are expensive to buy and are bought mainly by people who actively seek out new foods and more environmentally friendly ways to eat. We want to know that insects are in our food, that’s what we’re paying for!