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Buy Valium Diazepam

It’s been such a hectic few months here at the Bug Shack that we’ve barely been able to keep you all updated! But while Jenny is in Thailand researching the many joys that international entomophagy has to offer we at home thought we should bring you up to speed!

Way back in October Jenny was invited to a live TV interview and bug-tasting for CBBC Newsround. This a very exciting opportunity to publicise the health and sustainability benefits of eating insects, and all the folk at the BBC were enthusiastic and friendly. Jenny even had someone to do her makeup!

The aim was to discuss new EFSA documentation which came out around the same time, ruling that Valium Online Norge. The takeaway point for the kids watching at home was that some bugs can and should be eaten, but that you shouldn’t eat them straight out of the garden because you don’t know what the bugs have been eating.

Where Can I Buy Real Valium

Unfortunately the invitation came at extremely short notice so there was no time to whip up some delicious falafel, muffins, or sausage rolls. Instead we took along some soy-sauce roasted mealworms, and they had some grasshoppers from another company. While these are quite tasty in their own right they do look rather dry and present more of a psychological barrier as they are quite obviously bugs! While the cameramen were up for the challenge the poor presenter Leah found it rather more difficult. In the linked video she makes some quite impressive faces, which doesn’t really bring across a positive message! After sipping some water though she admitted it wasn’t the taste at fault, but the mental barrier of munching on creepy-crawlies.

Ordering Valium Online Australia